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Issue with my brand new Q7FN 55" 2018

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I bought my new tv on Friday 7 Dec. and i notice issue . Question is can be faulty tv or this is normal.

Link: picture made with tv on with dark screen.

I call shop where i bougth tv Richer Sounds Southampton UK and they told me to contact with Samsung because they think is normal and i can't repleace! WTF?

For me is not , here is movie how looks the same model of someone i mean no clouds compare to mine tv , not about dark spot on this movie this is normal, it is an optical illusion that occurs on all VA TVs when displaying dark grays, due to the poor viewing angles. It shouldn’t be noticeable with normal content.

this lad worried about black spot but he don't have white clouds like my one.

But my tv have  similar problem like this man, but his withe clouds are more bright:

Anybody can tell me what i should to do ? Give back to Richer Sounds ? Or call Samsung ?

Regards Richard.



Hello Richard,


No, considering the photo, it's not normal, it's clouding effect exaggerated.
you have to contact the smsung support to take the TV in charge.


I hope that my answer would be useful to you.

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