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Is there any plan to update new smart TV features in existing 32M5500 Smart TV model?

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New features in samsung smart tv 2019 are really intersting. like , Remote Computer Access,Office Clouds, Music System, Live Broadcusting etc. As a exsting user of 32M5500 FULL HD SMART TV we really recommend samsung engineers team to provide those news features in esxsting smart tv by next software update.

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Hi @Abdullah1011 


We're really pleased you like the new features of our 2019 TV's. We don't as yet have any information on further updates to our 'M' and 'N' series TV's but we'll be sure to let you know on here when we do.

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Superuser I

Hi @Abdullah1011 ,  as @ChrisM  mentioned you are unable to benefit at the moment.   The Apple Tv app and Airplay2 went  live  yesterday  but currently only available for 2019 sets and selected 2018 models.   There will be some hardware limitations  which make some technologies problematic on older devices.


Nonetheless you should check you have the latst firmware for your model  as  it was recenly updated


I f you think you would be interested in a UHD set at  some point note that you would need a larger set as the benefits would not be worthwhile otherwise and the smallest available size from any manufactuer is 40 inches and these are a bit limited.

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If there is hardware limitation, then nothing to do.

Anyway I've update firmware on my TV. 

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