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Is anyone using a USB hub out of their TV USB ports to run HDDs etc? And issues?


I have trouble getting access to my USB ports on my 6400 series TV. In addition, 2 HDDs with C-type connections at the HDD end do not work with the TV, tho' they work fine with my laptop. A drive with a mini-USB socket works fine with the TV.


This common problem may well be that the current on start-up of the drives exceeds what is available at the USB ports on the TV.


I had the idea that a powered hub would provide more power to the the drives, as well as making access to the ports easier. Samsung C/S [chat and phone] are no help at all. On the phone they won't even discuss it, saying that the TV is 'plug & play' and anything else - 3rd party item - plugged into it is not their concern. 'Chat' went all round the houses but essentially said "Might work. Might not. No idea". Not helpful.


Has anyone tried a hub? How was it for you?

Black Belt 

Any normal USB hard drive should work. You do not need external power drive.

I am using usb hub with NU8072 and two flash sticks, and everything is working ok. Hub is not powered, but I assume it is of no concern.

One of the inconveniences is that the TV does not remember that I added sticks to the "home screen", they always disappear after turning off the TV.

Thanks for your reply. In principle you are right. In practice, regrettably not. Naughty step for Mr Samsung ...


I have a WD Elements 500Gb and a Tosh 1Tb pocketable HDD and neither work with the TV - drives not seen, tho' the indicator lighgts come on and you can feel the drive spinning up - tho' they work perfectly with this laptop.  I have tried refornatting to FAT32 and the other FAT [?]. That didn't help.


I find it interesting that these two have C-type USB sockets. The Freecom 500Gb HDD that does work with the TV has a mini USB socket.


Thanks for your response. My flash sticks work in the TV's USB ports. Other than the faff of getting round the back to plug them, no issues. The problem arises with two HDDs - see my reply to blackbelt.


Have you tried running a small HDD like a WD Elements or similar via the hub? Which hub did you buy?


Ok, I've connected the Hitachi Touro S 1TB 2.5'' 7200 USB3.0 drive through my USB hub and it works without problems. Hub is some cheap 4-port "Hama USB 2.0 hub".

Thanks. That's very helpful and a good place to start.

For anyone else looking for this HDD it is in fact a WD badged as Hitachi. Hitachi Touro S 1TB 2.5'' 7200 USB3.0

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