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Intermittent screen blackouts UE49KS7000


Hi all,


I've been at a loss since March 2017 when I bought a UE49KS7000. I get intermittent blackouts on any HDMI source every few hours – the screen goes entirely black. They would only happen for 3-5 seconds, but since I'm an avid gamer this would mean life or death in a hectic scenario. It makes me really unhappy, especially if I’m getting blackouts watching a movie and having to rewind. Since April 2017 I have called Samsung over a dozen times, and been patient with their usual method of “let’s try a reset and wait another two weeks to see if it happens again”. Samsung replaced my circuit board in late 2017, but this didn’t help either. When we reached a dead end, Samsung just blamed my Xbox and told me to buy another one.


So for Christmas 2018 I bought a brand new Xbox One X, convinced in their explanation. I was horrified to find exactly the same issue!


I have tried every possible option in the options and system menus, dozens of system resets, HDMI cable changes, port changes, firmware updates on all systems… that I am at a complete loss. I even changed all my plugs, and mains adaptors. I have really tried everything and feel I completely lost my £800 I paid for it. I am really let down by Samsung on this and have to post here in the hope they listen. No other TV had issues with my Xbox and this only happens on my Samsung!


I have read and acted on all 85 pages of the thread from the Samsung US site. Nothing has helped me and I have to be incredibly anxious about their next suggestion.

I am really begging Samsung to reach out to help me, a supporter of your hardware for many years. Literally all my gear is Samsung, including phone and laptops. But unless they give me a replacement or refund my money, I really can’t take a chance again knowing they have not supported me.


A long-time fan and supporter



CarlH Moderator

Hi @Boyzie1982. You mentioned HDMI cable changes but did you purchase a new one? Only asking because my friend had the exact same issue the other day with a new TV (PS4 Pro blacking out every now and again) and they bought this. Puzzling because the HDMI cable that Sony supplied with it (and recommended) wasn't working as it should. It may work for you too. 


I am using the Xbox One X default HDMI cable. But I also tried three seperate cables on the old Xbox and I got the same issue, so I'm not expecting anything to change there. 


I am awaiting an engineer to come round Wednesday to check the signal, as Samsung fobbed me off too long that now they are saying they are not looking at it as it's over a year warranty. Thankfully I have a 6 year warranty with the store I bought from so I have to use their engineers. But I believe they are now trying to blame this on Microsoft. I bought the Samsung TV knowing it supported Xbox, there is nothing in the manual about intermitted blackouts so I still want it fixed asap!


Properly heartbroken as I love everything about the TV apart from the ***** blackouts. 

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