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Improvements to MU6400 firmware

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I'd like to make some suggestions for improvements to the firmware on the MU6400/6470.


Can the Freesat EPG be cached so that you can view it while a recording is taking place and this will also allow a channel preview "mini TV" to be shown as it does with Freeview. The Sky HD box I'm coming from managed to do this on a single feed.


Can Fast forward have more than 3 speeds? It could do with being a lot quicker. I realise you can scroll the bar along but its not as easy to use as rewind/fast forward buttons on the remote.

Scheduled recordings do not work when viewing a video via. USB/network.


I also have a question:


I've heard of a Freesat 4k channel (Astra UHD test), is it possible to view this channel on this TV?


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