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Image problem on samsung ue50nu7472 50"

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Hello i have a samsung ue50nu7472 50"

I think my tv every 1.5 hour or more has an image problem.

I couldn't find the exact image but it makes sth like the link above but in much smaller case and on half off the tv. Its like purple squares. First i thought it was a bad signal but i saw it in a movie from a flash drive. Its not sth big but its scares me. (In another way i se sth like this when a graphic gard cant handle the hd in a pc but just for a sec) should i do sth?is it a serious problem??

CarlH Moderator

Hi @Kparx. Does this happen on every channel and with any device you have connected to the TV? Is the software up to date? 

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I saw it in one channel and i was scared because it was too much. Then i saw it was only in that an from my flash drive every 1.5 hour. Later i thought it wasnt the tv, but i saw it in netflix for miliseconds. I dont know if its the same but i think its sth and i want to find out before the quarantee expires. Its not updated the last 4-5 months i think, but i dont think its software

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