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Hulu not opening from Smart Hub tray

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Netflix and Prime Video (and other apps) are opening fine from the Smarthub tray (displayed after hitting the home button), but Hulu and HBO Now does not.  However, when I go to the Apps button in the tray, then I go to MyApps, when I select Hulu and HBO Now they do open.  I have ensured the software is up to date (I have it done automatically), and then have reset the Smarthub to factory defaults.  No change.  Any ideas? This is new, these apps all used to open from the links in the Smarthub tray.

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Cg94 


Could we take the full model code and software version of your TV please? Go to Home > Settings > Support > About This TV.

New Member

Today my Hulu app also does not open as well as a few other apps- Crackle, Vimeo etc.

And when I try to open the App icon, it goes to a blank screen. But my Netflix, Amazon & YouTube are fine.

What gives?


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