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How to the 'picture settings' effect the Smart TV apps?

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Hi all,


I recenlty purchased a Q8F and I'm really enjoying it. I've noticed that in the smart apps such as Youtube or Plex, the colours do not seem to be effected by the picture settings. Some of them have an effect such as 'backlight' but sharpening, tint, brightness etc all seem to only effect HDMI sources. The easiest way to see this is to change the 'RGB only' mode to any of the single colours, inside of an app, these do not change the picture but as soon as you backout of the app and into an HDMI source you can see an all red/blue/green image as expected.


The reason I am asking is that the saturation in the smart apps is far too high, faces in thumbnails looks beetroot red and there does not seem to be any way to bring this down.


Any help or input greatly appreciated.



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Did you find a way to fix this? It’s driving me crazy the colour saturation on the apps.

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Unfortuatnely not, I have searched high and low but I cant find any solution. 

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