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How to remove Cheddar from my TV's

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I have 3  Samsung TV's and would like to remove the very annoying Cheddar app.

This application pops up after some idle time.   To me, this is very virus like.   This happens on all of our Samsung TVs.


I've removed the Cheddar app from the Downloaded app,  a while back and even though its gone,  Cheddar still pops up.

I've seen other complaints about this like here:


The workaround in the above link did not work for me. 


One of my TV's details is here:


Model Code: UN65MU8000

Software Version:  T-KTMAKUC-1262.0, BT-S


The Cheddar app is completely ruining my experience with Samsung.   It's sad this silly app (Cheddar)  will cause me to switch to another brand and never recommend Samsung TV's to anyone.  One of the most annoying things I've ever encountered. 


Samsung,  please help !


Did you try removing all of the channels in the TV Plus app? I have the same issue and removed all of the channels within the TV Plus app and hope that solves the problem. 

If it for some reason continues to auto play this awful Cheddar TV station, I am definately going to return it and buy another brand. It's bad enough to have pre-installed apps that I don't want, but to have unwanted apps automatically launching is completely unacceptable.  

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