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How to change ITV regions on a Series 8 tv

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Have just bought a Smasun Series 8 tv and love it, but ITV region is Meridian whereas I need Anglia - any idea how to change the region?

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Which regional channel you get will depend on the signal strength in your area and your aerial's reception rather than the TV.

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I am having this same problem on my Samsung TV. I get the right regional broadcast from the BBC, but for ITV I also get Meridian rather than Anglia. Having looked on Google their seems to be a suggestion that the TV might be receiving multiple regional signals and choosing the strongest as the main broadcast. Is there a way to manually adjust this in the TV settings?



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Hi. The problem is that you're trying to watch Anglia on the HD ITV Channel. Unfortunately, Anglia don't transmit everything on an HD basis, so your TV picks up the best HD signal it can receive, which in your case is Meridian. If you want to watch the local Anglia news for example, switch to the non-HD ITV channel and hey presto!

Good luck - Nick

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