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How do i downgrade my smart tv's FW?


After the last 2 updates my UE49KS7005 series smart tv, it has gotten nearly 80% worse in stability, relieability  and snappy menues than when i got it in january last year. And resetting smart hub and even the entire tv software itself to "factory" doesn't help either.

Is there any ways i can downgrade it somehow? Cause it's infuriating that i paid 1.1 grand for this darn 4k smart tv and it's being as sluggish in the software by updating it..


Hi @Duckers,

Unfortunately it has no way to degrade your TV, try  to see with customer service .





Samsung block downgrading the firmware simply so they can remove things or start pushing adverts and we have no choice to undo by going back to a previous firmware.


There is no technical reason why the firmware can't be flashed to an older version, the TV doesn't know or care what version the firmware is, but Samsung have coded the firmware so that if the flashing firmware version is less than the current firmware version it blocks it.


My first Samsung made TV is my last one and I simply will never buy another Samsung product.





Yeah, this samsung tv was definitly my very last. I'm done buying samsung products that intentionally gets 40% slower with every update.


Same. I will never get a Samsung product ever again. Even my 1.2 grand note 8 is now sluggish. And the android 9 camera I now hate because I have to now switch tabs between video and photo than keeping them on one page to easily take pics then immediately record. Bow it has a clunky horrible switching which means I will miss a great photo or video because the camera app require more fiddling. And its using up to 1-2 seconds or even freeze for several seconds too at times.


So next time I will get a non Samsung TV and an iPhone. All my phone is good for now is movies on the go and taking relaxing photos of macro stuff. I also hate the way selecting words works too. I select a line of text, release my finger, and all I get in the menu is select all.. no copy or anything else..


I will never again go even near to a samsung product as long as I live.

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