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Hi, smart TV dead?

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Hello all, 


I've got couple of questions, firstly I have a UE40H6400AK TV.


I've been unable to download any apps from it as there isn't a "app store" just a Samsung app page with a Very limited pre installed apps on it.


How do you get apps on this TV? (it's got WiFi built in ect 


Secondly been trying to get eurosport to work via TV, it had a eurosport app installed and tried that but the app 2015 and hasn't updated since so obviously its completely broken and doesn't work.


Any suggestions as very annoying 






Samsung TVs have a limited store, you can not have some apps. for this fact you can use an android box that you connect to the TV by HDMI, this box will allow you to have most of the proposed applications for android.


I hope that my answer will be useful to you.

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