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Help Best settings for UE43NU7020 43" (Picture seems out of focus)


Hi I hope someone can help, I just bought UE43NU7020 43" TV and the picture is awful. It is so out of focus it is actually making me feel ill. I just got this yesterday.

I set it to the default settings after trying some tweeks in the advanced picture setting. I have it connected to the ariel, however I also tried it on my YouView box, picture still dredful. I thought the TV was supposed to upscale? I have an old LG 32 inch TV that gives a far better picture?


Any suggestions thanks.

AndrewL Moderator
@AJB1: If you press the Menu button on your remote, is the menu blurry or is the issue only affecting broadcast channels? As a troubleshooting step can you try going to Home > Settings > Picture > Picture Mode and trying each available option (Dynamic, Standard, Natural and Movie) to see if you notice an improvement.


Hi Andrew I do not have a button named menu.

sorry also should have said I tried doing that and there was no improvement, some options were actually worse.

HI I contacted Samsung support and after several tests/resets they advised me to return it to Currys, which I have done. The picture on this TV is appalling and the TV+ App is the most annoying thing ever. No more Samsung TVs for me.

New Member

Best settings for me are:


Start with Movie mode.

Advanced settings:

Backlight 50

Brightness 0

Contrast 25

Sharpness 5

Colour 25

Tint 0

Digital Clearview low

Auto motion plus judder reduction 1, clear motion off

Contrast enhancer off

Film mode off

Colour tone warm2

Leave rest alone

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