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Hdr picture setting and gamma settings

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Hi I have a 4k Comcast cable box and Netflix and Amazon prime and so on...


I have a Samsung qn75q9fna.


The video can be  Super grainy  with hdr mode on. Also  under gamma should I be using bt.1886 or st.2084 or hlg?


I have  tried streaming the same 4k HDR show Jessica Jones on Netflix using my Comcast 4k cable box  and using the smart TV  and I have the same issue with HDR on.  Any suggestions would be great at this point. I have even unplugged the power to the one connect box and plugged it back in. I know that resets some stuff.  Help! Super grainy picture! My 4 or 5 year old 60 inch Samsung 1080p tv picture looks so much better.

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