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HW-E450 subwoofer not connecting to soundbar


Had this excellent soundbar for 7 years without problems. Now wireless subwoofer has lost connection to soundbar. Have tried all guidance/tips etc to reconnect without any success.

I'm intending buy new one, but thought I'd ask the Samsung community ' Any advice on how to reconnect' ?question first.



AndrewL Moderator
@BM099: Sorry to hear that you're having troubles connecting the subwoofer to your soundbar. To start with, please can you confirm if you have attempted the following steps?
1. Plug the power cords of the main unit and subwoofer into an AC power supply.
2. Press the ID SET button on the back of the subwoofer with a small, pointed object for 5 seconds.
• The STANDBY indicator is turned off and the LINK indicator (Blue LED) blinks quickly.
3. While the main unit is powered off (STANDBY mode), press SAT MUTE on the remote control for 5 seconds.
4. The ID SET message appears on the main unit’s VFD.
5. To finalize the link, turn the main unit’s power on while the subwoofer’s Blue LED blinks. The main unit and the subwoofer are now linked (connected). The Link indicator (blue LED) on the subwoofer is turned on

Hi AndrewL thanks for prompt response. And yes tried this fix on many occasions over this last week. Also tried with all other devices wi-fi and mobile phones switched off.
After resetting on subwoofer, The ID confirmation appears on main unit, however after switching power on soundbar the subwoofer blue light continues to flash and does not turn solid and 'check subwoofer' message on soundbar remains.


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