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HDMI ARC & ARC not working

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So a couple of weeks ago my soundbar stopped connecting via hdmi arc and the tv wouldn't recognise it as a receiver on the hdmi list. Doing a reset solves this for like a day or so but eventually it stops working again. Samsung have replaced the pcb board last week and it's worked fine for exactly a week and then failed again last night. My soundbar works via bluetooth and optical but I dont want to have to use different remotes for the sound. The soundbar works perfectly on my other samsung tv so it's definitely not the soundbar. Coincidentally the CEC also stopped working, i used to press my sky power button on remote or my ps4 controller and this would turn tv and soundbar on but this no longer works either. I'm running software version 1270.3. Can anyone help on these issues as samsung are now trying to tell me that my soundbar is at fault for the ARC issue and my sky and ps4 are to blame for the CEC issues. 


I'm running a QE65Q8CAM tv and Bose soundbar 500.


Both have worked fine for 5 months together before this issue

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