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Hi, have just bought a new 49 inch curved samsung tv. often I get a message come up on screen that Sky does not support HDCP. I have asked samsung for help on this issue but it has not been fixed yet. Sky tell me it is the new TV and not an issue with sky. Any ideas please as this is really annoying. I have turned the Sky box off, turned the cables around, new cables but still have issues.


Hi, @Bazza1


What is the model number of your TV?


Have you ensured that the Sky box is connected to HDMI 1? 

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Hi, Yes it is in the HDMI 1 DVI port.   UE49KU6100K 


If you set 4K HDMI video format on SKY Box, make sure that you enabled "UHD Color" in TV settings.


Have you tried other HDMI ports?

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Yes. It still happens..
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Hi, yes i have done this too. it did seem to work fine until the last couple of days ago and now its happening again. Normally first switch on of the day!.
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