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Grey area on tv letterbox

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im after a bit of help, my tv is a UE49RU7300KXXU 49” smart 4K ultra HD HDR curved LED tv, I have only had it 5 days and I’m getting a strange grey area in the top left of my screen when I watch anything that letterbox’s the screen, you can’t notice it when it’s full screen unless it’s dark in that corner, it’s very off putting and such a shame I was hoping this tv would be awesome, bit disappointed when I’ve only 7B5DE493-B14D-4117-BA9B-3C6BD0E46FA1.jpeghad the tv 5 days.


I have attached a photo, if you look at the top left corner you will see what I mean.


the help im after is if there is anything I can do to get rid of this or is my tv broke?


any help would be very welcome 





Could be DSE, Clouding or light bleed.  


I doubt you will get rid of it, however exchanging it for another TV might mean you get more of the same, or worse!


Panel lottery!

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