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Games not working on Samsung TV

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I have a UA40F6400AM Samsung TV and none of the downloaded games will work - e.g., Nitro Chimp, Chess etc. I have reset the SmartHub but when I click on PLAY it tries to connect but then comes back to the games page.


Can anyone help please?

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @BrisbaneMike.


Could you check the software version on your TV? You can find this by going to Menu > Support > Contact Samsung.

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Thanks for the message. The version was T-MST12UABC-2132.2, BT-G.

I then updated it and it is now T-MST12UABC-2139.1, BT-G. 

The games still don't work.



ChrisM Moderator

Are you still having the same issue, @BrisbaneMike? If so, Let's try resetting the TV. Go to Menu > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset. Note, any saved settings will go back tothe factory default settings. Let us know how you get on. 

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