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Frustrated as cannot take advantage of QLED s9 offer


I am from Gibraltar and I am about to buy a samsung QLED Q9 65" from spain. there is an offer fro this as in mainland europe for a free S9 with this tv but as I am not a spanish resident I cannot take advantge of this offer. feeling frustrated as Gib does not take part in this offer but i feel i am paying the same as any other consumer and should be entitled to this. Any suggestions? I would be willing to pay for posting and packaging for this phone.


I'm frustrated I bought a Q9FN a month before they did the offer 

bad timing but how were u to know

True true, the price was better before the promotion.. not as good as a free phone, but £300 cheaper back then than it is now.


Might as well ask are you happy with the tv



Well, it's a mixed bag. If I wasn't so concerned about burn-in with OLED, I'd have bought an LG.


It's good most of the time, but it has issues for sure.. there are a couple of threads on here that talk about light fluctuation problems, including where the subtitles cause the rest of the panel to brighten, which really shouldn't happen with an array-lit TV;


It's mostly down to the 'Contrast Enhancement' option. When I set that to 'Off' it really helps with the light fluctuation problem. However, this doesn't help with HDR content, which needs Contrast Enhancement turned on, otherwise the picture is far to dark to see in low-light scenes.

This video shows light levels increasing/decreasing more slowly in a scene in The Good Place (non-HDR) via the built-in Netflix app. It's most noticeable on the beige wallpaper near the top of the screen. To help highlight it, I've then sped up the footage to show how it's fluctuating. It shouldn't be doing this.


This video shows a quick flicker in the light levels of the background. It's a scene in Altered Carbon (HDR) in the built-in Netflix app.

Array lighting can get confused in some scenes;


Subitles and menus affecting the rest of the scenes' brightness;


I talked to Samsung Support last night & they were adament that there is no problem with the TV. I beg to differ. It's an issue with the software and how the Contrast Enhacement algorithm handles the lighting array. I've got another call with them on Friday, but so far (after a 40minute call last night) they don't recognise this as an issue & don't seem to have a route to send potential issues to their software team to investigate.


Hope this helps with your decision.

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