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Freesat / free view connecting

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I woiuld like to watch local Finnish channels through the terrestrial tuner and German, French and other Central European channels through the satellite tuner. And I think it should be possible to pretune both tuners so that it would be possible to change the active tuner on the fly, without disabling one of the tuners and retuning the channels on the other one. Is it possible to enable the satellite tuner and tune the channels on it when the terrestrial tuner is already in use?

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Yes you can tune them independently and then just swap between them
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What should I do in order to tune them independently? All of the menu items for satellite are gray even when I connect the satellite antenna cables to the SAT inputs on the One Connect Box and in case of manual tuning I can only choose between terrestrial and cable.


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75F887B3-F66A-4A2A-BB34-182DB9146A17.jpegFirstly make sure you have all the input icons up like this and select satellite (mine says live tv satellite)


E4F80297-8C6B-46A1-910E-FD41BA36F629.jpegClick source and make sure the green box is above Samsung tv


71B8D28A-62DB-432A-8B05-5A11E4276D9B.jpegClick settings


3118A36B-B487-4313-AD27-D1C98EF2F8AD.jpegThen broadcasting, they will only be greyed out if you have not selected that input


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No such item "live tv satellite" available in the home menu on my unit even though the satellite receiver is physically available. This is just the problem I'm trying to solve. I suppose there is something I should do to make it available.

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Just try the Samsung tv plus on the source tab


To get the sat tuner active you have to reset the TV to default settings and enable both the sat and terrestrial tuners in the setup steps.

switching between sat and terrestrial is a pain.

hope this helps

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