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Frame TV doesn't shut off

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I have the 55" 2018 Frame TV

I want it to turn off if tere is no motion after 15 minutes. I cant make it do this.

I have it set up to turn of if the room is dark which works fine but when its in Frame mode it never turns off during the day. I tried the motion detection on all 3 levels but still no good.

Should it work ? Any tips on making it work

Thanks CARLO

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Is there any way to get some sort of service from Samsung. I have all apple products and this tv is the first Samsung thing I have ever purchased. Was thinking of buying the phone but this tv will be the first and last item I buy as ive been finding it so difficult to get service or navigate around there *****e website.

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Hey @CarloUK 


Do you have the Smart View app installed on your phone? You can use this to set the Motion Sensor settings so that your TV can detect visual changes including user movements and turn on or off automatically. 


The setting you'll need within Art Mode on Smart View is 'Setting Sleep After' - So when no motion is detected for the time specified in Art Mode your TV will turn off automatically. 


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Same problem here 

only had it a few days 

thinking of returning it to the store


Samsung frame art tv 49”


”sleep after” 15mins is set 

leaving room for 20 mins each time to test 


did work twice but not since 

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Exactly the same problem here. 55” 2018 model.

I have set it to ‘Low’ motion detection and 15 minutes, but it never turns off by itself anymore. It worked fine for about a month, then stopped working as intended.

Powering off completely (reaching back behind the connection box yanking the power cable and reconnecting it) makes it work for a little while, but it will return to not following the settings after a while. I haven’t done extensive testing on this, but it has helped twice. I now resort to not using the art function at all, which was the reason we bought this TV. 

It sadly defeats the entire purpose of the TV :(

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Same problem here.

Just purchased 65  2019 Frame and refuses to turn off when no motion detected after 15 minutes.  Tried all settings and refuses to turn off artwork.


Yep, I have this issue. It worked a couple of times now it never works anymore. The screen stays on permenantly. The switch off at night mode also doesn't work. How about a response from Samsung on this obvious issue.

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Same issue with 2018 The Frame. Was working a few days ago until I finally mounted it. Only difference was that it was hard turned off and then on the wall (maybe sensor higher)?

Night mode doesnt work.

I have exactly the same problem, new 55” Frame. Absolutely no shut-off in absence of motion. 

Does Samsung check this site or are we shouting into the dark?

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I fixed the issue by doing the following:


1) factory reset the TV

2) I bought an extra white frame, I re-installed the bottom frame so that the clear plastic piece was sticking out. I believe this is where the sensor is.


Give those two a try and see if it fixes the issue.

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