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Frame ArtStore Galleries have gone


Having enjoyed the Artstore for a couple of months, I now only have two galleries showing (both begin with A) and the TATE etc are all gone.


£4.99 a month for two galleries with a bunch of oil paintings on them compared to all the cool photos etc which were there before.


Is this the new offering or has my TV gone wrong?


Appreciate help before I cancel and instead go downloading images instead of paying Samsung.

TessM Moderator

Hi @madcal ,


hope you are well. That is odd! Are you able to tell me how long has this been happening? Have you tried to contact the Art Store Team to see if there is an issue with the app or to fond how to solve this? You can contact them at:




I assume you mean is the email address for Artstore support?


I have emailed them.


All I have now is Artistry & Albertina, neither of which have any pictures I would want on my wall (the TV is in the hall and only displays art so this matters).



TessM Moderator

Sorry for the typo there. Yes, I meant that. They might be able to help you @madcal 


No reply from that address sadly and still only 2 galleries.


I will give it until Monday and then I am afraid I will have to cancel my ArtStore subscription and likely sell the TV on eBay.  This was the whole point of this Frame TV, to be able to show Art.


It appears it can do that for two months then it stops and so far no support!


Fingers crossed I get some help on Monday.


PS, tried the online chat help service.


The chatbot just kept telling me that my subscription has expired.  It hasn't.


Not happy with Samsung, had I known this is what is was like would never have bought a Saumsung product.

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