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Frame 2019 TV has stopped turning itself on when i walk in the room


Had the Frame for a month. Just done a firmware update (v. 1315). All was working fine.

It has now stopped turning itself on when I walk int the room.


Motion detector is on high. Night mode is off.


I did turn it off fully once (ie kept the power button for longer) ... then it seemed to work fine again ... but in the last few days once the 15 minutes art mode are passed it does not turn on again.

Any idea why? Options to resolve?


I experimented more - 

It actually seems to work for around 24 hours .... and then it stops working again ... 

I then turn the television on ...switch off ... works again for a few hours ... and then stalls again.

Almost as itf it went to a 'deep sleep'



Have you got the auto power off option disabled?


No... But I will try and turn that off if that helps ... I thought there was a risk of it - but on the other hand i thought the art mode over-rode everything ... 


Mind you 2 nights ago it did not turn off at all ... stayed on all night on art mode...


So ideal settings:

Auto POwer Off -> Disabled

Auto run last app -> ON

- Trun off after 15 minutes (that would be my preference)

- Motion sensor medium

- Light sensor? -> 

-> Night mode? On or off?


Thanks all.

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