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External speakers stop working after entering netflix app.

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I recently connected my external speakers to my TV using a digital to analog audio converter, converting from the optical audio port to RCA red and white ports to connect to my speakers. Everything seemed to be working great until I decided to watch Netflix, and my external speakers just stopped outputting sound. if I use the TV speakers there is sound.

funny thing is, even after I exited Netflix, The speakers still didn't work, until I switched from the settings to the TV's speakers and back to the external one when outside of the Netflix app.

The only way I found to make the speakers work in Netflix was to go to settings, sound, expert settings, and change Digital Output Audio Format from Dolby Digital to PCM, but this resulted in lower audio quality.

Is there any way to use my external speakers with the Dolby Digital format in Netflix?


My TV: Samsung 55 inch 4K UE55NU7400


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