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Error while opening Netflix


exactly that and i have no idea what to do now im waiting for monday to call support but dont think they will be able to help in any way we will see

I'm also very concerned about it, as I don't see Samsung updating the TV firmware to sort it. Everything else works

I fixed my problem i called samsung suport and the guy sent me file to update my softwear through usb and it worked try it

I'll do that tonight
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Same issue here. Try updating the firmware, but don't trust your tv if it tells you the firmware is already up-to-date. In that case use a usb stick and update manually. Worked for me. 

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NetFlix Error UI-800-2 is the most common error on smart TV. If you also one of the victim of this erorr kindly follow the steps mentioned below :

Restart Your Wi-Fi

  • Un-Plug your Wi-Fi from main power
  • You have to wait at least 10 seconds after removing it from main power
  • Again turn it on and wait for another 1 minute
  • Now check whether same error exists for Netflix

Restart Setup Box Or Streaming Media Player

  • If restarting your Wi-Fi doesn’t work give a try by restarting Setup Box
  • You have to unplug setup box for 1 minute
  • After unplugging setup box press and hold power button on device to discharge it
  • If you feel power button is not there, leave your setup box or streaming media player unplugged for 3 minutes at least
  • After 3 minutes plug in and turn on your device
  • Now try Netflix

Sign out – Sign In Netflix

  • As we said whenever this error UI-800-2 comes you have refresh the information stored. This we can easily do by Signing Out and Signing In to Netflix again.
  • Go to Settings or Gear Box and Select Reset/Sign Out/ Deactivate
  • If in case Settings tab and Gear Box are not there. Pull up the deactivation screen by pressing UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, UP, UP, UP using arrow key.
  • After this you have to Select Reset/Sign Out/ Deactivate whatever visible to you.
  • Once you are Signed Out, Sign back In and try Netflix again.

For Full Article Please Visit : How To Fix Netflix Error UI-800-2

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I couldn't believe it and thought you were making a a joke about a Konami code.


It worked!! It brings up the configuration page and let's you hot "reset" or something. Thank you so much.

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THANK YOU! It looks like a strange way to fix the problem although it worked fine for my Samsung smart tv. 


It worked!!!  Got back to my member log in screen and able to sign in to Netflix!



I tried the re-install which didnt work either , and you cant delete the netflix app to fully re-install it  as it is part of the default software. My guess is the re-install just does the app, but doesnt clear out the  broken settings that stops it from connecting.   You can trick the TV into deleting Netflix however by pressing the FFWD button, then 289 , then the REWIND button and the hidden county menu appears. Select SYRIA (which doesnt allow netflix) and it will be deleted (also other apps will get cleared like iPlayer, Amazon etc , so you may need to reenter some passwords eventually) , go through accepting the T&C's and its then removed. Now do the same again and select your actual country and Netflix and all the other default apps for your country are properly re-installed. You can now get past the "not able to connect" screen and login. 

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