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Error model bind

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Tv working fine except for internet. Network settings on Smart tv showed my wifi router and said: you are connected to the internet. Smart hub said: you are not connected to internet: Error_Model_Bind. I rang support, not that easy. Before I could even explain the problem the agent took all the usual info for their database. Then directed me to Menu-Support-Contact Samsung on the tv.  Then asked me to read the mac address and was irritated when I didn't understand the question but eventually understood that no mac address was there. Told me the tv was faulty and gave me a tel number saying the engineer there will fix it. I rang the number and the guy said we'll pick up the tv to examine what the fault is! It's  a 46 inch tv attached to the wall. Thanks Samsung.

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Hey @Bob47


When TVs are over 30" the engineers do home visits, they won't take your TV away, repairs and inspections will be carried out in house. 

Have you already arranged the appointment date?


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Say "hello!" and
Introduce Yourself, or virtually hangout in the Samsung Lounge   

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 There was no offer of a home visit so I gave up, bought a Firestick and now I have wifi on the tv again.

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