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I have the same set up.  All connected, but unable to select the update.  Do you recall how you got connected if you did :/

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Hi @Jcdavies.


The default PIN code for your TV is usually set to 0000. Give that a try when carrying out the reset on your TV.


Let us know how you get on.


The option Software update was greyed out for me. Had to go to Menu-System-Setup and reinstall the tv, along with channels and all.

Pin is set by factory normally to 0000 or 1234 or google for default pin


my experience was a bit weird by my own fault.

Before i came and looked here i went to menu, support, update and there was an update available.

I clicked download and then started to get a bit worried that a firmware upgrade while i had net issues might not be the smartest.
After it downloaded i decided to not proceed with the final step when asked if i wanted to replace the new software with old.

I came here and learned its the upgrade that needs to be done.

So i go back into menu, support, update but now its telling me i have the newest firmware.
Even though its stating i still have the same old firmware version installed

After reading a bit more here i saw some saying the alternative software worked for them.

When i get there the newer firmware version i downloaded before but didnt complete installing is there.

So i install and all is beautiful.

Thanks guys, it was really peeing me off

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What if software update option is not available 

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having same error... dowloaded the latest software update on usb but tv says no update found on usb...

any clue what to do to fix that?

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Same issue here. Any solution please!

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Have you made sure to extract all the files from the download file to the USB stick? It's step 6 in my step by step answer on page four of this thread.

The file you download is a compressed file which contains the files you need. The TV can't read that compressed file so you need to extract the files it contains to the USB drive. 


How to unzip files :


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yes i extracted the file. So on the usb stick i have file and in the file i have another file called image. And in the file image i have all different files for update i guess.


i followed your post already but without success...


could someone send me file that have been succesfully installed?



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If anyone from samsung here, can i have the link to the firmware upgrade for model ua40es6200wxjg? Cannot get it from the site. Maybe that's why my tv is not detecting the upgrade. The one i dowloaded is for ua40es6200R version



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