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Hi @OZed. This model number looks like a US one (I can only assist with UK models). Take a look at this link for the contact details for Samsung in your region. 

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Hi carlh. Link does not help. Brings me back to global samsung site and still no firmware upgrade for ua40es6200wxjg


could you give me the firmware upgrade for this version?

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I don't have any info on this particular model, @OZed. Where abouts are you based? Does that link give you details for Samsung in your region? 

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@carlh Yes i see my region but brings back to french version of samsung global site. And no firmware upgrade for version ua40es6200wxjg on this site either.


is there a blog for my region (africa)? 




CarlH Moderator

If you contact Samsung in Africa, they will be able to confirm if there is an update or not, @OZed. If there is and you're still unable to download the update, they may be able to send you a USB memory stick with it on.

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Impossible tae did this bit when the tv won’t connect tae the internet


When I click the Support button, it only has two options:

  • Contact Samsung
  • e-manual

i.e. there is no option to reinstall software.


Model: UN32EH5300

S/W: T-MST10PAUSC-1037.1

S/N: 25HC3C5DA06866D


Been having this problem for a while and tried lots of things e.g. reinstall, reset, but still nothing.


Please help! Would like to be able to access e.g. Netflix again.


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I used my laptop and logged on tae the Samsung website and found the download there for my TV, from there I was able tae get it all sorted.

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