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Do Samsung LinkSticks / WIS12ABGNX Wireless LAN Adaptors work with none Samsung devices?


I have a fairly new 1080p Technika semi-smart TV. It has USB connections for disc storage, I can configure it's network settings, however it doesn't have any built in Bluetooth or WiFi. I wanted to send the screen from my computer to the TV without having to use the HDMI I'm currently using. Will either of these Samsung products work for that or am I looking at the wrong thing?


How come there are two different sites for it? There seems to be this one:


And then this one:


They both have identical product codes, but the latter has /XAA after it and the description reads "New LinkStick" and "Supports AllShare". Then there's "Samsung Link".


I have a Samsung phone but I want to be able to broadcast from Windows 10 to a Technika TV.

AntS Moderator

Hi @johnuk .


That product code difference indicates which region the product was manufactured for; in this instance Europe (/XEC) and North America (/XAA).


Sadly, the adaptor won't work for what you're wanting to do here. According to our AV team (and one of our FAQs on screen mirroring here) it looks very much like the exact thing you're trying to do isn't possible, as it would definitely need some form of connection via HDMI.


I'd be intrigued if there's a TV genius out there (that hopefully knows about Technika TV's!) that has an alternative leftfield/wonky solution though. 


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