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Direct replacement of samsung ue40f6400akxxu 40inch 3D Smart TV in UK

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Hi all, can someone help me please?


Our TV has conked itself out, I used to work for the insurance company who's dealing with the replacement and I know for a fact they don't have a clue about TV specs so don't want them fobbing me off with something less than we had but I don't know much more about TVs than them (I'm a computer gal). I know we can't get a 3D Smart TV now and we were lucky with this one but going through the Samsung website I can only seem to find things that are either better or worse than this TV. I tried calling Samsung customer support who told me a F6500 and F6510 however neither of these are available for sale in the UK. 


Any advice on the closest equivalent please that I can purchase new in the UK?

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