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Dark line across bottom edge - NU8000 TV


I'm well past the return date at this point... I've just accepted it. I really don't notice it to much, and I prefer the Samsung OS and overall aesthetic/design more than the LG. I think the Samsung performs better than the LG too.


That said... I do wish Samsung found an actual solution, because when paying that much, I do expect the panel to not have those flaws.

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I just got mine as well as a replacement from currys and the second I took it out of the box, I noticed the black edge and more noticeable in the bottom corners. I think it’s a design flaw! Would love to see what Samsung has to say! 

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I purchased a ue49NU8000 a couple of weeks ago and have noticed the dark shadow at the bottom of the screen sometimes (and bottom corners). Originally when clicking the Home button I had actually thought it was a deliberate shadow at the bottom of the menu! I've also got a similar slim line up the far left side of the TV that I sometimes notice, however this line is fractionally lighter than it's meant to be. It's only there for certain images on the screen, so maybe about 30% of the time. It's frustrating as it's a brand new TV... My old LG LCD TV never had issues like this and it must be due to the bottom edge led lighting. But I can tolerate these issues so long as they don't ever get worse! My wife doesn't seem bothered by these issues. 


I just purchased a Samsung NU7100 and I have the same exact same issue.  All the pictures you guys have posted in this thread show the same thing I am seeing.  There is a dim line across the bottom with the corners also slightly dim.


On the one hand I have to thank you all.  I thought I was going crazy.  I even looked closely at the TV thinking maybe it was a shadow of some kind, and after a while you wonder if your brain is playing tricks on you.  But now I know it is defintely a thing.  


After reading this thread it seems like that is just inherant in this line of Samsung TVs.  I could have spent more on a different brand, but I've had good luck with Samsung products in general and felt good about the purchase.  The TV also comes with a bunch of features and a great OS.  The picture looks phenomenal, other than this slight defect.


I'm not sure if I should point it out to my wife, because it's probably something I can live with, but if she notices it and it annoys her, than it's going back for sure and from what I'm reading here it sounds like the only way to advert this is to spend more money.  Plus, it's not like I've never heard anything bad about other brands before.  (I miss Panasonic!)


Maybe I'll go back to the store and see if the floor model has it as well.  I'll follow up and let you all know what happens.


Just to follow up.  I did go back to the showroom in which I purchased the TV.  Looking at their floor model I saw the same thing I was seeing at the house.  This was a specialy store, not a "big box" and I find the sales professionals knowledgable for the most part.  I talked to the salesman on the floor and he said that all the edge lit Samsungs will have something to this effect.  He went as far to say that any edgelit TV has a chance to show dimness near the edges or corners.  

Just to compare, I then went to my local Target, which also had the exact same model Samsung (but for $75 more) and it also had the same dim line at the bottom.  It was a little less noticable for some reason, but there could have been other factors contributing to that.  I could still see it present there slightly though. However, the 65" LG next to it, which was $100 less, did not have any hint of this whatsoever.  I didn't look into all the additional features the LG had, but the picture looked good, and it was still 4k HDR UHD.  

My conclusion is that it's a Sumsung thing.  The store I bought it for would swap it out for another brand/model but it's already hung in the perfect spot, we like all the additional features, operating system, and UI so we're just going to keep it.

The irony is that the only thing that made me notice this was that I was trying to unlatch it from the mount so I could run a few additional cords and the latches were too high so I had to force the TV away from the wall enough that I could slide my hand up the back and grab the string to release the latches.  When I did that I heard some creeking from either the mount or the TV.  So after I finished and latched it back in place I took a close look at the TV to make sure it was okay and that's how I noticed this.  Otherwise I probably would nave have noticed it at all.

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I bought a QLED Q60R and it has the same problem. For somethingthat costs thousands of dollars, I expected better. 


Returning this *****.


Wow!  That shocks me that the same problem is on the QLEDs as well.  They need to fix this fast.  Good for you returning it.  I'd really like to hear what you went with and what you think of the new one.

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Hey man -- while its disappointing across all the units this is just how samsung does things. I have noticed from a seated position you don't notice it but when you look for it you find it. 


While it makes me a special kind of frustrated you can put it out of your mind once you realize its just by design.


Stupid though for all of us who are whores for qaulity - it's defintely made me look to other manufactures to see how they do things to see if their idea is easier on the eyes.

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Not sure if anyone is still reading or replying to this thread, but anyway . . . 


I've just took delivery of a 55" RU7400. It was bought from Argos in the UK. Within the first hour of viewing, I noticed a shadowy strip running along the full length of the bottom of the screen, about 1cm thick. Kinda disappointed to learn from above posts that this seems to be a "thing" with Samsung panels. The TV I'm replacing was a Samsung, 42" LCD, which didn't have this problem, or any, in fact. The picture on that TV was great, and I had it for five years. 


So, it seems like I'll have to live with it, but expected more for 600 bangers. I researched for a full two days before making the purchase, comparing brands, models, sizes etc. One thing I didn't know about, which is mentioned above, is the "back-lit" versus "edge-lit" technology. Having done a quick search before writing, it seems back-lit is the way to go.  I wish I knew that before plumping for edge-lit . . . 

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I hear you friend -- I spent 3 times what you did on a samgsun edge-lit TV with the same issues. When I first bought the TV I did not notice it at all - then I moved into a new house - I was inspecting the TV for damage and noticed that grey bar. At first I thought it was broken and then started googling and found this forum - I drove to best buy and looked at all their samsung edge lit TV's and sure enough its across the entire line....


... I have been able to put it out of my head mostly. Especially if the TV sits slightly higher than eye level from where you sit. Its much more noticable looking down at the TV than looking up. However - for all of us that spend big bucks for the best picture it's really not cool. When I purchase my next TV (hopefully not for a while) I'll be on the lookout for this method of lighting. 

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