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Dark line across bottom edge - NU8000 TV


I wanted to see if anyone else has observed a slightly darkened edge along the bottom of the screen.


I have the 55" NU8000 (not sure if it's unique to this model, or exists in other). Additionally, the bottom corners are slightly darker too. The line is about 1/4" or so... Pretty slim, but when watching TV I notice a distinctly faded edge along the bottom, though the line isn't distinct when watching from couch-distance. (some photos are below, although the line didn't come through very well in the photos)


Samsung was kind enough to replace the panel (which I'm very thankful for). Unfortunately, it turned out that even the replacement panel had the same problem! The service technician said since they both have the same problem, then there's nothing he can do about it, as it must be a manufacturing problem that is persistant in the panels throughout the product line... So, I'm wondering if other people see this line present, and if it's worth requesting another replacement for a potential solution.


The defect seems somewhat minor, but when I spend this much on a TV I hope to keep around for 5-10 years, I had hoped for a better picture. I've seen cheaper TVs (both Samsung TVs and other brands) that have a better edge-to-edge uniformity. Besides this line across the bottom and the barely faded corners, this is an excellent TV - I love the picture otherwise, the aesthetic design, and the UI/operating system... Just wish this issue could be resolved.



IMG_20180724_201818 - Copy.jpgbottom-right detailIMG_20180724_201811 - Copy.jpgbottom-left detail


IMG_20180724_201759 - Copy.jpgfull screen







Hello. I was wondering if you ever found an answer or resolution to your query here. I just bought an NU8000 myself 3 days ago and just noticed this same black line and small blurs on the corners as you described. Yours is the only post I've found about it. Reading your post and seeing that you had 2 TVs with the same issue makes me think it just must be the way it is with this model. Now that I've seen the line, I can't unsee it but it's only noticeable on bright screens and with the menu up. It isn't overwhelming on normal viewing but I do tend to notice it more than I'd like. Did you ever get an answer from Samsung themselves about it? Did you end up finding peace with it and keeping the TV? Something else I noticed as well and seems to be widespread from my research - a faint, intermittent click after turning the TV off that lasts for a while, becomes less frequent, then stops. Like the sound of a PC mouse click. Some think it's a component, other think it's heat expansion related. It occurs for me even after unplugging it. Does this also happen to you? My apologies if yours does this also and it makes it even worse for you. Things like this seem to happen to me every time I make a major purchase like this. Always seems to be possible defects or qualities to come to terms with. If you decided to return your TV and buy another, please let me know what you finally settled on so I have an idea what to do myself. I have 2 weeks to return this TV or add on tech coverage in case I want to swap it out. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you.


Well, it's a bit of a long story, but here's a bit... Actually, I didn't have 2 TV's, but Samsung worked with me to replace just the panel. Unfortunately, the replacement panel had the same defect.


I tried to accept it, but it bothered me enough that I've gotten back in touch with Samsung about it. They told me to contact the tech center that had originally replaced the panel, so I did. They're working right now to see if there can be a solution. They told me that they called Samsung themselves about it, but didn't get much help at this point, so they're collecting some be other information and will try to reopen or create a new service ticket.


By the way, thanks for commenting!  I was starting to think I was crazy..  having had 2 bad panels like this, and even noticed it on the display model at a Best Buy... I was shocked when I googled for this issue myself, and found no results. Based on what the original technician told me (who replaced the panel), he thinks it must be a defect inherrant to the whole manufacturing line. I'm hoping they have manufactured a new run of these panels by now, so they can replace mine with a good one, but I haven't heard anything yet. I'm beyond my return window.  I do like the tv othewise - the aesthetics of the design and the Tizen OS... If I could return it now I might, but my wife is happy! For your situation, I will say that Samsung has been pretty helpful initially... After some troubleshooting, imI guessing they'd try replacing the panel for you. I'm not sure if you want to go through that trouble though.


Also, I don't notice the clicking sound you mentioned.


No, you're certainly not crazy. I noticed it because I analyzed this TV alongside the NU7100 and that one isn't "edge-lit" like this one is supposed to be. So, when I saw a faint shadowing at the bottom and corners on a bright screen I started to wonder. This line does not show on the top or sides. Did Samsung themselves acknowledge that this is possibly a defect in the product line? I would imagine they didn't. Sometimes it's just the way it is since these companies can't produce perfection. Like I said, there has always been something to accept or get used to whenever I've bought TVs and other tech. I was actually about to run over to Best Buy myself to see if their desplay models show the same thing. I will let you know what I find. As to trying to find a new line, I'm wondering if we'd have to wait until the "Os" come out. The "N" shows our product year or the line, I assume. I do like the TV as well, minus the clicks. I found quite a few posts about that, even in one of the QLED lines. I'm inclined to take this back and go with LG but those probably have their own little quirks.


I'll let you know what I see at Best Buy later and if they have anything helpful to say.


Thanks! I'll look forward to hearing what you saw at Best Buy... It seems to me that this would be a widespread issue (which is why I was surprised I haven't seen much online discussion about it). 


To answer your question - No, Samsung themselves have not acknowledged the defect in the product as a line manufacturing issue (and I would doubt they would). That was just the guess of the technician I spoke to, and it made sense, since the same issue was present between the replacement panel and the original panel... The only missing link to that story is the lack of other people reporting this online anywhere. I'm just hoping this is a complete fluke, and Samsung can take care of it... I don't drop this much money on a TV often (actually, I never have), and my return window ended while I was awaiting their own tech support. I trusted that it could get fixed with the panel replacement...


Hello again.


So I made it to Best Buy and the 2 8000 series they had on display both had the "issue" we noticed. I put that in quotes because I talked with one of the sales reps and he was very knowledgable about the tech in the TVs. Turns out these TVs are edge-lit but only from the bottom. Supposedly that's where it originates to cover the entire screen. I don't quite understand how that works but it could explain why the line we see is only at the bottom. Could be a characteristic or side-effect, if you will, for that technology. If I were you, out of my return window, I would find solace in that. The sales rep agreed with my take on it that this is just the way this model with it's specific technology is and seems unlikely to be a widespread defect. Don't know where you located but it seems unlikely that we both received lemons from the same batch along with our local Best Buys. Plus, you had yours replaced. Trust me, I know how hard it is to move on from something that bothers you like this does us both. Since I just bought mine this past Friday and because I also noticed that ticking noise, coupled with Samsung's advertisements in the Smart menu - another one of my gripes - I decided to go with what this sales rep and I discussed and swap it for an LG of equal price and technology. It's backlit and not edge-lit. I also have my TV in a darker room and an LG is better for that with darker contrasts. The Samsung is pretty bright.


Anyway, I hope this will help you better accept your TV for what it is. It is a great TV. I was really happy with it until just last night with this line, but it turns out that it's likely meant to be that way with this edge-lit technology. Don't take my swapping TVs as contradictory. I almost walked right back out after I saw that their floor models had the same lines. I just got to talking with someone much more savvy this time around and found out I'd likely be much happier with the LG. I just hope I made the right decision and don't regret it. That has me worried. There's always risk in this buying game so be happy like with your wife with your great TV. Hope that helps - really.

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Just bought 65" NU 8000 SAMSUNG

Screen has 3 inch black stripe down left side with ragged 6 inch slash at bottom. Rest of screen is perfect. Samsung said it is a product defect. Very frustrating to schlep set home and set up only to find in defective. Have to pack it up and drag back to dealer for replacement

 Could not get service tech although I do believe the set needs to be replaced.

Point is -- Samsung is a great product but "why" such problems at this stage? Spanking brand new set

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Lol our name is Stephens also

Thanks for sharing that experience at Best Buy. It's a bit disappointing to hear as an explanation (though makes sense), especially since an esge-lighting is nothing new, and, while certainly not always perfect, they technology should definitely be able to avoid such a distinctly visible line. Also, I'm not sure the previous yearsy model had that, yet it was the same technology. Again, it just seems like a slight manufacturing imperfection. The tech who helped me explained that there are many many layers of material that the screen is made of to help diffuse the projected light evenly... He guessed that it was one of those layers that is slightly misaligned. But to have that across a whole manufacturing line is disappointing.


Thanks again for the input. Since there are some wheels in motion again with my case with Samsung, I'll wait to see what sort of response they have. I'd really like to hear from them what this issue is, and what sort of resolution they may have.  I appreciate all your input, research, and support. I hope the LG is great for you!


Ha. My first name is Stephen, actually. Capital S for last name.


I am also somewhat diesappointed with Samsung. But for a mid-range TV under $1000, it seems to be the best way to go and I have given it MUCH thought and research. Too much, in fact.


Hope you're able to find resolution to your issues.

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