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Dailymotion app on Smart TV stopped working

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 Nope, still not working... Trying all the above, reset, dns... still the same! Everything else in smart hub it's working fine except dailymotion app..

Same issue with new samsung Q6A49, netflix and dailymotion apps, not able to load completely while youtube app works. Tried all the above DNS manual, reset smart apps, power off, firmware update etc..
Accessing using the TV internet browser give no result, video can t play either.

If you still face issues, please refer to the subject: Netflix app refuses to open (Samsung Q6F).

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I think I solved it. They updated the app so you need to cast the video from a cellphone with the dailmotion app installed. If your TV doesn't support casting you'll might need a Chromecast and WiFi, but I have all that and got it to work. (This is the same way Twitch works.)


Ironically though I only needed to do this because Samsung's built in web browser can't access the Dailymotion website anymore. So it's always something!

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