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Dailymotion app on Smart TV stopped working


Still not working I up date it today the picter is not moving 

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It's not working for me either. This really pisses me off.


Samsung please solve the problem!!


I did that still not working


I did the same not working
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I am in Canada.  Is it possible this is a side effect of a regional use issue?  


I fet up with this when it back on 


I am fed up with this WHEN Is IT BACK On


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Hi all. 




  • All of your other apps are working fine;
  • You've made sure your TV's software is fuly up to date (you should be able to check the latest available version under the Downlaods on your specific model's product Support page);
  • Tried a Smart Hub reset;
  • Tried changing your TV's DNS settings, and ensured all is well with your network/Wi-Fi connections.


And you're still not getting any joy, then it may be worth getting in touch with the app developers directly to check into things at their end.


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It's official. As far as I tested it, the Dailymotion app on my Tv is now working fine. I didn't do anything. I just waited. Is it working now because of a TV update? Or because of the app own update? I don't know.


Dailyloin not playing over two weeks. Tv been update when will it be fix 

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