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Channel 4000

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My mum's TV was turning onto Channel 4000 / Rakuten TV, I managed to delete the channel from the list and removed the app, but every now and then when we turn the TV on it comes up on channel 4000 again! My mum has dementia and all she wants to do is watch BBC1, I've tried explaining to her how to change it back to channel 1 but with her condition it doesn't sink in. Is there any other way of preventing it turning onto 4000?

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Louise83 


Here are the full instructions for removing channels 4000 to 4003 (TV Plus):


Step 1 – Remove TV Plus Tile from Home Bar

Press the “Home” Key and highlight the TV Plus Tile

Press “Curser Down” to open the sub Menu

Click on “Remove” then Confirm the choice

TV Plus Tile is now removed from Home Bar


Step 2 – Deleting the TV Plus Channels from the TV Memory.

Open the “Channel List” by using the Quick launch from the Home Bar

Simple Remote – Press “CH List”

Smart Remote – Press & Hold the “Guide” key (Push the “CH” Key in)

Navigate to “Edit Channels”

Navigate to & select “Channel Filter”

Select “TV Plus”

Select “TV PLUS (0/4)

Navigate to & select “Delete”

Confirm the deletion

TV will now default to Channel 1

Navigate to & select “Exit”

You have successfully removed the TV Plus Tile & TV Plus Channels


• “Universal Guide” may still display content from TVPlus. If any of this content is selected from the “Universal Guide” it will immediately restore the “TVPlus” channels. This is normal & correct behaviour which cannot be changed. Hope this helps!

First Poster

Thanks, but as per my first post I already removed the app and deleted the channel, but every now and then the TV still starts on channel 4000.

ChrisM Moderator

Could there be a possibility that the TV Plus content still showing on the guide, is being selected in error, @Louise83?

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