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Change region on 82nu8009

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Hi guys. 


I bought an 82nu8009 recently. I'm currently living in Germany  but I don't speak German. I will possibly be moving back to Ireland in the next 6 months and want to take the tv with me.

So I'm looking for how to change the region. As it is at the moment all the apps are German region with German content, which is useless to me. I want to switch it to either UK or US. I tried the keypresses I read about that you do on the smart remote in the terms and conditions page  but they don't work. I'm assuming the nu8000 is the English region set and exactly the same hardware, so can I flash the firmware with the firmware for the 8000? Any ideas? 





CarlH Moderator

Hi @MarcusarilliuS. As the TV's are manufactured for specific regions, youwould be unable to change this and there will be some channels or apps that would either have compatibility issues/ missing features or not work at all.

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That's disappointing. I read you can change the region with remote control key combos for other Samsung tv's. There's no button combo for this one? 

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For anyone that's interested  this is how you do it. Works fine  Now successfully changed to UK as region from the original German. All apps work fine too. Just not getting terrestrial tv, as I'm still in Germany. I never watch terrestrial tv anyway,  so it didn't matter to me.

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Hi Marcus. Link from Community has been removed (page removed). Can u send me instructions again pls. Thx

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I can't remember exactly as it's been a while and I was just following the instructions. I'm think you need to go to setup the hub again  and when you get to the terms and conditions page you press Mute, Return, Volume Up, Channel Up, Return. Then it takes you to a menu to select the region. I think that was the button combo anyway. 



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