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Cant adjust Bluetooth volume

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So I recently purchased a Samsung Q6FN, only problem is that it does not have a 3.5mm audio jack.


It does have bluetooth so I purchased one of those Bluetooth receivers that you hook up to a wall outlet then connected a 3.5mm extender cable and plugged my headphones in. The issue with this seems to be that the BT output voulme seems to be fixed, and it is super low as well. I tried with a pair of samsung HS130 headphones I had lying around, seeing as these had inline control for volume that would sure work I thought to myself....


So no I'm out of ideas. BT in ear headphones arent an option since I don't want to constantly be interupted because I have to charge them and seeing as I already have very high quality headphones I'd prefer to use these...


The tv does have digital out but a dac is not really an option since I have my tv wall mounted and my tiny cable cover strip cant fit any more cables.

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