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Cannot get HDD recording to work on new Samsung TV!


I will be returning my new Samsung UE43NU7020 as well if I can.  My 'old' TV, an entry level UE32H5500 is quicker to respond to remote control, has better navigation of TV guide and records to USB drive. Really cheeky of Samsung to sell a new TV with bolt standard features removed. 

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I am having same problem now with my 55inch samsung 7series I have the record button on my remote, I was thinking it's the external disc drive I bought toshiba hdd didnt work replaced it with amazon
Tried USB stick nothing waiting now for another hdd from amazon but now i see its pointless even trying it... Decent TV for the price but that a big no no TV going back..
They shouldnt have it on the tv if it don't work.. Stupidity isn't in it.
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record button is not on plenty of tv remotes but they still record by pressing the info button, my samsung remote as the record button and still won't.... So no Clue there.
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So the usb hdd timeshift don't work
Is there a way to use the hdmi to record live tv?
Is there such thing out there hdd using hdmi I only seem to see them with freeview tuners that record
Appreciate if anyone could tell me as Im not sure, I really like the tv so I would keep it if there was anything plus I have a spare hdmi slot to.
Thank in advance.
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Not that I know of

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