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Can I display artwork on Q9 QLED TV in ambient mode?

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Just bought a new Q9 QLED TV. Like the ambient mode but it seems to only display own pictures and themes. What I want to do is to display artwork similar to what the Frame TV and the LG OLED TVs can do. Is this possible, e.g. is it possible to access the Samsung Art Store?


Hi - I would also be interested in a response to this. Many thanks!
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Me too. I don't see any reason not to offer this. Samsung?
AndrewL Moderator
The Ambient Mode browser screen displays content at the top and categories at the bottom. Use the left or right directional buttons in the content list at the top to move the focus to content you want, and then press the Select button. The selected content is played in Ambient Mode. For beautiful scenery, please select 'Décor'.
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This doesn’t answer the original question.
We would like to know if Samsung is willing to allow 2018 Q9 TV owners, to upgrade their ambient mode with the 2019 new artwork ambient content. That would be much appreciated by all Samsung 2018 TVs’ owners.
Many thanks
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I would also appreciate an answer to this question that answers the original question. 


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