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CES 2019

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Much has been made of the advance of the AI technology   (highlighting transparancy  with some consumers still wary of pitfalls) , with Bixby Intelligence a core feature of its 2019 platform  which will continue to grow as more partners such as  join the Eco System and unveiled their 98 inch QLED.  Smart Tv's will be compatible with connected  devices  and user friendly navigation streamlines processes,will also be able to control Samsung Tv's via Amazon Echo and Google Home devices.   However  this will be limited to controlling volume, turning  TV on /off, switching  inputs, or launching selected apps.  Bixby will have more advanced capabilities with the built in  software.  As trailed  partnership with Apple will integrate Itunes and Airplay2  in 2019 models and 2018 sets via update  (not envisaged for older devices)


Connected Living-CES 2019


short version of video available here Highlights CES 2019





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Possibly a bit late,  however thought I'd include some Photos from CES here

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Yes we took delivery of this 98 inch TV for a high worth client. It arrived , we mounted it and it would not turn on. On close investigation we found that the LCD was cracked in the bottom left hand corner.

After two weeks the huge paper weight is still hanging on the clients wall and we are still awaiting to hear what Samsung intends to do meanwhile trying to shift blame for what is probably a badly designed TV. What an absolutely pathetic response from the company. They should consider the logistics of supplying and fitting such a TV and then what to do if there is a problem. For this price there should be an included insurance or at least a resolution path. We await a decision, come on Samsung your client is very unhappy! My advice if you consider this TV, make sure that you have a plan should it fail because it appears Samsung do not!

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