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Broken Samsung LCD TV. No power...maybe!?

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So I came downstairs the other day to be greeted by a broken TV. The unit appears not to be getting any power to it. There is no standby light blinking or otherwise. I have tried s few things to get it working:

1. Switched plug/ extension on and off.

2. Tried different sockets.

3. Tried s different cable.

4. Changed fuse in cable.

5. Changed both fuses on the power board.


After all that when I plug the TV back in, it now flashes the standby light once when I switch the power on at the wall, there still isn't a picture.

Any ideas?

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Well, you tried everything that comes up to me, perhaps the motherboard is broken which means that a certified technician has to get into play. I would recommend for a second opinion from a moderator, just in case.
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@Ceesquared10  would agree with @SjorsK  and would in all likelihood be best to arrange an engineer visit to evaluate.   Possibly Mods may have further advice  mind you.

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