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Brand new UE49KS7000 Wont come out of standby

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My week old UEK49KS7000 has an issue where it will not come out of standby. When I try and turn it on the standby light and the screen just flash on and off constantly (as well as the samsung branding on the front) I have tried a different mains outlet as well as a new cable with no luck. I have also tried unplugging everything from the TV except the power lead but this also does not work.


However somtimes it will just switch on and work fine, but I have no idea what is happening differently when it does this. I'm not sure if it makes any difference but it is connected to a PC/PS4 pro and and XBOX one.


Many thanks.


EDIT: forgot to add I have updated the firmware on the TV to what I assume is the latest version.

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Hi @MIsterV.


Which source is it selected to switch on to? 


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