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Brand new Q70r TV and no picture at all?

AntS Moderator

@mike108, I'd like to see if there's anything we can do to get this moving for you. I've sent you a PM. 


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Thanks for that Ant and have replied , hopefully Samsung will honour their pledges .

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Once again Samsung Support offer zero support, its now been 22 days since I requested a collection and refund and all I get is empty promises.


Looking likely I shall be taking Samsung to the small claims court , will keep the readership and moderators update to let how things pan out .



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Update as promised.


Incredibly, it took a letter delivered to Samsung UK via recorded delivery, proposing court action if Samsung failed to collect their faulty TV and refund me , for them to finally take action . 


Moral of the story, I shall never , EVER,  buy direct from Samsung again and to source another TV through a recognised retailer , preferably with a Sony moniker on it !

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