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Brand new Q70r TV and no picture at all?

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Upon receiving new TV 55" q70r direct from Samsung TODAY and switching on for the very first time, the intro music plays but no picture at all.

No devices connected, tried multiple disconnections from mains, to no avail. The mobile app connects to the TV but still no picture, pressing source or any other key on remote does nothing.


How on earth does a TV direct from the manufacturer gets delivered broken?.


Disappointed to say the least, requested refund, are Samsung TVs worth buying?


Thanks Mike


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After 3 failed attempts by Samsung to collect my broken new TV, I am now considering taking them to Trading Standards. 


Would anyone here have a direct UK Samsung contact number to help sort this out please. Thanks. 

TessM Moderator

This is not what we would like to hear @mike108 . Did you contact our Support Team on 0333 000 0333 to check why the collection is failing and what are the next steps? 

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Hi Tess,

Thank you for replying. I have had numerous conversations using that number but with no success, 3 failed pickups attest to that.
Would you like me to quote my Reference No to help assist me or alternatively a direct UK based support phone number?
Thanks Mike
CarloL Moderator

In this case it would be best to get in touch with Samsung Technical Support on Facebook or Twitter. You can send a PM or DM and, following the confirmation of your personal details, they will be able to access your account and check on the latest updates on your case for the collection:

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Hi Carol


I emailed Samsung Customer Services again this morning , no replies as yet.


Also sent a twitter to SamsungHelp UK and SamsungUK four hours ago and no replies there either.


What do you suggest ?

Thanks Mike

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Hi Moderator


Clearly using Twitter as a support option is useless.


I DM'd Samsung as you recommended, with the relevant information and this was their reply .


Quote : Thanks for providing those details. As Technical Support, we're limited in how we can help you with this, however our Online Shop Support Team will be able to answer any questions you may have in relation to this. You can reach them on 0330 726 7467, between 8am-10pm, every day. Hope this helps! ^AB : Unquote


Back to square one , so can anyone at Samsung Support offer support and assistance ??

CarloL Moderator

Right, I see. Have you tried getting in touch with the Online Shop Team as suggested? 

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I have just come off the phone to them and they will hopefully confirm tomorrow the date for the FOURTH collection, unfortunately I have little confidence but I shall update this thread.
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Hi Moderator,


I am still sending numerous emails to all relevant departments of Samsung / Support  for the collection of the brand new faulty TV and I receive automated email replies indicating they will get back to me in 24 hours ,




After my telephone conversation two days ago, whereby they promised a collection date , nothing has being forth coming.


Is this the level of quality of support that Samsung offers,  for your customers and the readers on this forum ?





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