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Brand new 55 Q9FN, terrible panel quality


I loved my OLED & would have happily kept it for many years had it not suffered with burn in, the picture detail was insane in comparison with the Q9FN.

Back to the Q9FN I have reset the tv numerous times & have switched both the HDMI input on the one connect and HDMI cable I have also reset the virgin media V6 box three times & still have the same problem.

Even while watching recorded content if you pause the tv or rewind the programme when you try & play the programme the picture brakes up and stutters.

The whole screen is affected when the picture is scrambled being a digital signal it either works or it doesn't  so in theory if the programme plays normally as long as it isn't paused or rewound there's no reason for the picture to be completely scrambled & broken up along with freezing.

The picture doesn't even recover if left for five minutes to try and sort itself out?

The very same setup works fine on my old screen that's why I can't understand what's going on with the picture? 


FYI, a new firmware has been made available today; APR 24,2019 | ver 1251.0

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Their firmware update descriptions/details are horrible, and don't ever seem to change between releases: 


"- Improved usability 1. Improved browser performance 2. Improved app performance 3. Improved stability 4. Improved usability of input devices"


No mention of addressing aggressive dimming or correcting picture quality in dark-scenes...


Well I've just been trying to apply the update & have had no luck at all. Tried 2 different memory sticks.. put it in a folder as instructed, and in the root of the memory stick & the TV says there's no update available when I tell it to look in the USB device. Weird. I wonder if they've mistakenly put up the wrong image & it doesn't apply to this model. 

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