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Brand new 55 Q9FN, terrible panel quality

I don't understand why they can't put an option in the menu to disable the local dimming.
Watching movies on this TV is unbearable for me, because I'm not a native english speaker so I turn on the subtitles and they cause the contrast to pump violently.
Look how the colors change in the whole picture (most noticeably near the blue blanket, but everything shifts in the picture).
I don't understand how it can be advertised as high end. I'm still trying to this day to get the shop I bought it 14days ago to take it back. I'm usually happy with Samsung's products (from smartphones to solid state drives), but this TV is a joke.

Disabling local dimming makes the content so dark you cant watch it. So this is not really an option. Unblievable that thats what we get from Samsung for a premium TV.


Do you know how to access the service menu so I can give it a try?


I've been following this topic for the last 2 months. Guys, this is being reported all over the place in every possible forum: avsforum, samsung eu, samsung us, youtube is full of samples, in my country (Israel) this is the main topic being discussed in major forums.


I don't understand Samsung disregard here. It is just unbelievable.

Thanks, I don't have the basic remote so... I guess I need to buy one -_-

I don't think going to the service menu is recommended. They should add an option available in picture settings for everyone to be able to access.


LG introduced a similar light fluctuation issue in their last firmware update. Then issued a fix;


Seems like they listen to their customers.


Samsung told me to update to firmware 1153... Which doesn't solve the issue.


I believe the only way to make a company listen to its customers is by making a noticeable difference in its revenue by not buing its products. That is, most probably most of us won't buy another Samsung TV (some may even return their current set if they can) and let people we know, know about it.

They will start listening to customer feedback at some point..

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