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Bought a TV in China. Need some major assistance.

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Hi, guys


Hope you're all well


Now, down to the issue. I bought a UHD tv while I was in China (Model Number U. Everything was good initially. Then I moved back home and realized that apps like Netflix weren't showing up. This had happened with other TV's and all I had to do was change the region. So I did the old fast forward, 289, rewind to get the list of regions, but my TV only shows China as a region, and no way I'm even gonna get Youtube there.


I've tried everything to get it to work. I even set it it to China once by mistake, but then I did that INFO MENU MUTE POWER combo to factory reset it. But even after that it still only shows China in the list of regions.


So if anyone has any idea of how to show more regions it'd be really appreciated. 





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I*Model Number UA55MU6990JXXZ

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Hi @Doobz. This was manufactured for the Chinese region, there isn't a way to change the settings to match yours unfortunately. 

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