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Blurry screen watching Netflix and Amazon Prime

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Please help!

I have blurry screen around all edges when watching Netflix and Prime. HD TV is fine. Picture test is fine on TV. Any advice welcome.

Thank you! 

ChrisM Moderator

That's strange @Mazzystar.


Let's try a Smart Hub reset. Go to Home > Settings > Self Diagnosis > Reset Smart Hub.

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Yup, got the same thing recently. Doesn't show on all images, just some. The reset doesn't seem to have worked.

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Has anyone manage to fix this ?? I have rerest the smarthub but i am still having this issue.

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Just bought the qled samsung tv.  Same issues.   No one can figure it out.  Might return tv.

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I unplugged the tv for 5 min and it worked for me 

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Worked for me as well. Had to turn the electricity off for some DIY, and that seemed to clear it up.

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