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Black Pixels on Samsung Tv UE65KS700

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Yesterday I noticed a group of black pixels on the screen. It look like a big from far away. I was wondering what could be the cause and if it can be fixed.


Thanks for the help.1548022032562782135307688691435.jpgThe group of pixels

 15480220879797408791246221365667.jpgWhen its black the pixels look bright


CarlH Moderator

Hi @PedroZ. Have you tried a Picture Test to see if it still appears? To do this, press Home on your remote and go to Support > Self Diagnosis > Start Picture Test. If it does, get in touch with one of our local Service Centres for an engineer to inspect your TV. This link will direct you to the closest in your area.

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I did run the TV Picture test and it still appears in all 3. 

I will contact the Service Centre near me and let you know the solution.


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